Riders of any standard, with any type of horse, can arrange to have lessons according to Philippe Karl's philosophy by contacting your nearest licensed teacher.


What is a licensed teacher?

To gain the title of licensed teacher of the School of Légèreté, a student (who must already be an experienced and dedicated riding teacher) must complete the three-year basic training course and pass a rigorous final exam.

Each successful student receives a certificate that authorises them to officially teach this riding philosophy in the name of Philippe Karl. As this training concept is legally protected by patent against plagiarism, distortions or arbitrary, unauthorised use, no one may refer to the School of Légèreté or the lessons of Philippe Karl without having received the corresponding certificate. NB: the certificate may be withdrawn on grounds of violations of the ethical principles of the Ecole de Légèreté (see “Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage”).

Sometimes there are people who make reference to Philippe Karl's teaching in their advertising but who have not passed his exam and may not even have had much, if any, direct contact with him. Please make sure to always check the appropriate qualifications!


Licensed Teachers

The names and contact addresses of all UK based riding teachers who have successfully completed the course and passed the exam and are therefore authorised to teach the philosophy of Légèreté are listed below:

Derek Clark

Online coaching and courses07803 196266


Mark Fuller

North West07766 144701


Becky Holden

07815 739855

Catherine Marshall

Whitesands Equestrian
Broxmouth By Dunbar, EH42 1RU
07791 445218


Nikki Stephens

Burcott Riding Centre
Burcott Lane
Somerset, BA5 1NQ
07866 596109


Liana Upton

07932 186444


Teachers who are currently in training

The following riding teachers are working towards their exams:

Merrigan Burton

Derbyshire/Cheshire07910 374443

Jo Clark

Online coaching and courses07976 942254


Josh Daly

Model Farm Training and Dressage
Shillington, SG5 3NA

07810 103790

Kat Layfield

Sussex07816 512911


Kate Sandel

Devon07816 826258
01404 871549


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