The School of Légèreté offers a three and a half year basic training course for riding teachers who wish to benefit from Philippe Karl's philosophies and over fifty years' experience in riding and schooling horses. 

The course is open to any teacher who wishes to develop their riding, training and teaching according to these methods and philosophies.

Please note that you do not need to be riding at a high level or competing in dressage in order to be considered as a candidate for the course. You do need to have some experience in teaching (even if only part-time) and a desire to help others gain access to Philippe Karl's methods.

You also don't need a 'dressage' horse. All types and breeds are welcome provided they are sound and capable of sustaining a consistent level of work. 

The course comprises three clinics per year, each lasting either three or four days and prepares candidates for the multi-stage exam which they must pass in order to be awarded a licence. Only instructors who hold this licence are authorised to teach the philosophy of Légèreté in Philippe Karl's name. 

Training courses are currently running in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Italy, France, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The course consists of lessons in:

  • individual dressage training
  • work in hand and on the lunge
  • jumping
  • quadrille
  • theory
  • pedagogical training (teaching guest riders)


Further training: advanced clinics

Licensed teachers of the School of Légèreté can continue to improve their knowledge beyond the three-year basic training course by participating in advanced training clinics. 

The programme of advanced clinics includes the further training of the teachers in dressage, work in hand, lungeing, jumping and giving lessons both to their own students and to unknown guest riders.



All clinics of the School of Légèreté are open to spectators who can follow all of the lessons as well as participate in theory and Q&A sessions. 


Open clinics & private lessons

Riders of any standard, with any type of horse, can arrange to have lessons according to Philippe Karl's philosophy:

  • by participating in an open clinic taught by a licensed teacher of the School
  • or by contacting your nearest licensed teacher to arrange private lessons.

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Nov 16th to 18th 2021 

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New Rider Applications

Applications are being accepted from instructors who would like to join a future course.

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