Philippe Karl's School
of Légèreté (UK)

Philippe Karl, world renowned French classical master, created The School of Légèreté in 2004 (French for lightness) to pass on his experience and philosophy to committed riders and instructors. The School now runs teacher training courses and clinics in over 10 countries. In turn these teachers reach thousands of riders who wish to understand more about training with respect for the horse.

Welcome to the U.K Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness). The school was founded by Philippe Karl in 2004, to share his philosophy and methods with experienced and committed riding instructors.

Philippe Karl is former ecuyer of the Cadre Noir, and author of the ‘Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage’ and ‘The Art of Riding’. You can find out more about him and his philosophy here.

The School offers understandable and reliable methods of riding and training that is beneficial for horses of all breeds, and riders at all levels, in all equestrian disciplines. By providing a logical and graduated pathway from establishing correct basics up to the most challenging of exercises, it opens the door to haute école for any seriously committed rider, even if you have only a very 'ordinary' horse.

In the U.K we have been fortunate enough to have Philippe Karl teaching instructors for almost a decade. As he reduces his travel commitments, we now welcome Master teacher Sylvia Stossel from Switzerland who teaches the UK Advanced Instructors clinics. Catherine Marshall from Scotland is also a master teacher and now teaches the Foundation Instructors Clinic.

You can find a teacher of Légèreté here, spectate on the Advanced instructor training clinics here or the Foundation Instructor training clinics here.

Applications for student teachers are always welcome. Please click HERE for more information on how to apply.